Thursday, September 14, 2006

Waterproof LCD TVs

Check out these amazing waterproof LCD TVs - what an incredible invention! Not just for baths and showers - if you're lucky enough to own a steam room, hot tub or boat - this is the ideal product to enhance your experience, exclusively from Presley's.

Like us, do you like to relax in front of the TV after a hard day? Ever wish you could chill out in the bath with a glass of wine and watch your favourite film, or catch up with the morning's news while in the shower?

Well now your wish has come true - Presley's are proud to present their first ever waterproof TV, in stock now (probably not for long!) for immediate despatch - you will not find this deal anywhere else! The best bit of all is the price ... it's an incredibly low £150, including VAT and free delivery (within England).

Features include:

- TFT Colour LCD TV
- Screen size 5"
- Receives VHF-1, VHF-3 and UHF frequencies
- Power supply 12V <8W (mains AC to 12V DC adapter included)
- Dimensions: 17.6cm wide x 15cm high x 4.7cm thick
- Includes remote control and remote control battery
- Connection/operating manual included
- Thin form factor for embedding into tiled walls and other surfaces
- Ideal for baths, showers, hot tubs, steam rooms, boats, etc

View it at Presley's Now


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